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Porcini, Recado Especial

Cauliflower and New Potato

Sea Urchin, White Asparagus and Kohlrabi Pickles 

Dried Daikon and Sea Palm

Spot Prawn, Yolk

Arrowhead Cabbage and Green Strawberry

Lemon Verbena, Salted Bergamot, Squid 

Cucumber and Mendocino Sea Vegetables

King Salmon, Shiso


Anchovy, Mint

Poblano Pongal 

Sprouted Lentils and Spices, Vegetable Condiments


Summer Onion Chochoyotes

Shell Beans, Epazote

Duck and Eggplant

Preserved Kumquat and Plum Curry, Sake Lees

Tomato and Basil 

Koji, Matcha


9th of JULY 2016

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