28th of JANUARY 2017


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Grapefruit and Geoduck

Ponzu, Lardo

Buddha's Hand and Dungeness Crab

Grilled Greens, Green Strawberry Tartar Sauce, Montepulciano Capers

Various Types of Lime and Squid

Black Tostada, Preserved Green Tomato, Avocado

Bergamot and Beets

Peanut, 4 yr Garum, Oxalis

Seville Orange and Carrot Pibil

Carrot Top Tortilla, Fresh Cheese, Tomato Water Fermented Carrot

Kishu Mandarin and Kumquat with Pork Belly

Sea Urchin, Pumpkin Juice Kasu Sauce

Meyer Lemon Green Garlic Rice

Blood Orange and Toasted Milk

Burnt Sugar Cake

A Tea of Dried Citrus and Herbs