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Seed Bread with a fresh cheese and some pickles


Asparagus and Porcini 

Seaweed, Farro Verde 


New Potato with Smoked Peas and Plankton

Preserved Kohlrabi, Nasturtium 


Halibut with Bergamot Ponzu


Sea Urchin with Tofu and Meyer Lemon Aleppo Kosho


King Salmon Belly Cured with Fermented Dill 

Mexican Sour Gherkin, Dried Squash  


Nettle Rice Grit Porridge 

Dried Scallop, Dungeness Crab


Fava Beans and Leaves with Chocoyotes 

Burnt Vegetables, Midnight Beans


Smoked Pork Neck 

Purple Barley Koji, Black Kumquat 


Ishikawa Sake Lees Sorbet 

Cherries, Korean style preserved Blood Orange   


21st of MAY 2016